Clara Micalement

5 Fun Indoor Play Ideas


Between the cold and all the rain we get, the weather where I live is absolutely miserable all through winter. That means my kids tend to spend a little more time indoors than any of us would like.

To keep us all a bit more sane, I put together a list of activities to do to keep everyone busy. The kids just pick a few choices off the list and we have fun playing together – despite the cruddy weather.

I’ve shared that list below to try and help you keep your own family’s sanity intact when you’re stuck inside.

1. Play Card or Board Games

Sitting down to play a board game or card game together is always a fun option to consider. Both types of games provide hours of entertainment and they teach important life skills – like teamwork, turn-taking and socialization.

2. Pretend Play Together

This is my children’s favorite indoor activity. The best thing about it? There are tons of imaginative play ideas to choose from! A few ideas to get you started include:

  • Use a play kitchen to be chefs in a restaurant
  • Gather stuffed animals together and run a vet’s clinic
  • Go grocery shopping with food items from a play kitchen
  • Or, dress up and have a fashion show.

3. Have a “Treasure” Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? I know my kids sure do. Plus, they are super easy to set-up!

First, you need to hide the treasure – a special treat or some small toys work well – somewhere in the house. Then you need to write clues to find the treasure on slips of paper and hide them around the house.

Make sure to leave the starting clue in an easy-to-find spot to get the kids going. The first person to follow all of the hidden clues to the treasure wins it.

4. Build Something Together

You can use a wide variety of things – from Legos and blocks to cardboard boxes and pillows – to build with. All you need is a little creativity for hours of playtime.

Assemble buildings and cities or even a cool fort to hide out in. Make things a little competitive by seeing who can build something the quickest or who can make the highest tower.

5. Hold a Karaoke or Dance Party

Music can make any dreary day brighter. Put your favorite songs on the radio and let yourself go crazy! Sing along to all of your favorite songs for a fun karaoke party – use hairbrushes or cooking spoons as microphones.

Show off your best dance moves by having a groovy dance party along with, or instead of, a karaoke party. Alternately, you can have a dance competition to see who has the most creative dance steps to show off.

These are just a few of the indoor play ideas that we use when we can’t go outside. Try them all out with your own kids for hours of inside fun.