Clara Micalement

How To Get Your Kids To Clean Up Their Toys

One of the common problems that parents encounter when their kids are playing indoors is cleaning up their mess. They find it tiring and a waste of time. Sometimes when you want to keep your house neat and clean, you can’t help it, because you have your kids with you playing around your house. You need to clean up their mess because you can’t relax when you see your kid’s corner. But one thing for sure, you can only stop these stressful chores when you let your kids clean up their mess, by teaching them or finding some ways that can encourage them to clean it.

So, here are some ways on how you can get your children to clean up their mess.

Teach them early

If you want your kids to learn how to clean up their mess inside your house after their indoor play, then, start teaching them early as young age.  You can assure that your kids would love to do it with your proper guidance and rewarding thoughts.

Fewer toys to play with the better

The less toys for your kids the less mess. It’s also better for their creativity, attention and happiness. This is a very interesting article on the subject of happy baby toys.

Warn them before messing up

It can be a good idea that before you let your child touch their toys and create a mess, you warn them before they start. Make a deal that they can only play if they tidy up at the end.

Give incentives

Some kids love to receive gifts, tokens and rewards. Children just want something rewarding after they’ve done something good and which would make you impressed. So when you let them tidy their toys with incentives, then expect that they will follow what you ask them to do.

Demonstrate how it is done

One of the best tips that children would clean up their mess is to show your way of how to clean the untidy toys, there they will try to imitate what you are doing.

Make it a routine

You can remind them everyday and make it as an everyday habit too. If it becomes their routine, then you can have fewer headaches.

Provide child-friendly boxes

Parents should provide a storage box safe for their kids and suitable to keep and store toys. Don’t ask them to put toys on high shelves; it’s risky and they will struggle.

Explain the benefits

It can be helpful also if you explain to your kids the advantage of cleaning up their mess in a most reasonable way.

Teaching your kids on how to clean up their toys is like helping your child to discipline themselves and taking control on their actions inside the house. But parents, when you teach your child never shout at them, nor punish them if they can’t follow, because young kids don’t understand much of what they are doing, all you just need to do is demonstrate for them.